How to setup GraphQL API as Azure Functions (Loacally)

This page documents deploymnet of Graph SQL Server to Azure as Azure Functions (Serversless)

You will need VS code and PowerShell, this all is ment for windows users.


(Follow https://dev.to/azure/graphql-on-azure-part-3-serverless-with-javascript-5gb9 with uses Apollo GraphQL and this tooling)

  1. Install Azure Functions extension for VS Code
  2. Install the Azure Functions Core Tools
  3. This will allow you to run: change project.functions and data-endpoint to something of your choosing. data-endpoint will be request url (example.com/api/data-endpoint)
    func init project.functions --worker-runtime node --language typescript
    cd project.functions
    func new --template "Http Trigger" --name data-endpoint
    npm install --save apollo-server-azure-functions graphql
    npm install
    code .

    create the project directory, open the directory, adds the trigger, installs required packages, opens vs code

  4. copy this to data\index.ts: ``` import {ApolloServer, gql} from “apollo-server-azure-functions”;

const typeDefs = gql type Query { hello: String } ;

const resolvers = { Query: { hello() { return “Say hello to data delivered over GraphQL!”; } } }; const server = new ApolloServer({typeDefs, resolvers}); export default server.createHandler();

5. open 'data\function.json' and change `"name": "res"` to `"name": "$return"` somewhere towards the end of the file. 
6. run `start:host` in the terminal
7. open the link from the terminal, should be http://localhost:7071/api/data
8. in the open tab copy this to the query window:

{ hello } ```

and hit play. This is the beginning.

Adding setting to Azure Fucntion App to access via process.env

manually: go to Function App / Settings / Configuration / Application Settings tab and do your thing.

sustainably: and together with the code

  1. Install Azure CLI
  2. run az login in PowerShell
  3. run az functionapp config appsettings list --n FuncAppName --g ResGroupName so see what is already there.
  4. run az functionapp config appsettings set --n FuncAppName -g ResGroupName --settings "settingname=$settingvalue" e.g. ` az functionapp config appsettings set -n copycanecho -g Copycan –settings “hereitis=thevalue”

` also read this to learn how to publish setting together with the functions.


  1. add or open local.settings.json in/to the root directory of the project.
  2. add key value pair to the Values collection

Pick up here:

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-functions/functions-develop-vs-code?tabs=nodejs https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/apps-on-azure/graphql-on-azure-part-3-serverless-with-javascript/ba-p/1576922 https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/videos/build-2019-build-scalable-apis-using-graphql-and-serverless/ https://www.apollographql.com/docs/apollo-server/deployment/azure-functions/