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Tapecamp - longform audio collaboration and bookmarking tool.

For audio producers and teams

Make production and editing faster by streamlining the process with commenting, versioning and managements tools designed specifically for audio content and longform audio production.

Time-stamped and range comments

Leave and receive feedback with to-the-point feedback, which leaves no room for guess work with commenting functionality designed for the audio content.


Respond to feedback by uploading new version and keep the history of changes accessible.

Adjust the process

Change the process of comment resolution to match the needs and style of your team.

For listeners

Make knowledge locked in audio content accessible and interconnected with bookmarks, annotations and audio links.


Make bookmarks on the go with headphone controls gestures to return to important points later.


Add text notes and make them public or keep them all to yourself.

Make the audio interconnected and easier to navigate by linking to other audio file or external source.

Advanced playback controls.

Benefit from Tapecamp longform audio playback controls designed to take the most out of longform audio, bookmarks, notes and links.